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Who is Pegson

5Hi My names Arron Pegg but I go by Pegson to my mates so call me Pegson..I was born in December of 1986 in Australia, NSW, Belmont.
At 6 Weeks I was diagnosed With Cystic Fibrosis..Ever since than my life has been a constant battle but also memorable..
Im currently going through the process of Work-up for a Lung/Liver Transplant..So I decided to make myself a Blog calling it Pegson in the Present because thats how I’m trying to live…In the Present but also being aware of the Future..
I intend to give you a little closer look at my life (not just the CF side) and document whats to come in my Life be it good…bad or plain right fucked….Pegson

Im a Coca Cola addict and I mean addict I can’t go past 10 int he morning without a couple hits.I love spending money and buying niftylittle gadgets like UV meters to see how quick I will tan today.

Im an avid DVD collector (some BluRays) who can’t help but purchase 2 to 15 dvd’s every outing to JB HI FI.

I love all movies especially romantic comedies and coming of age films.

I think Juicy Fruit is great but loses its flavour to quick which makes me depressed

I hate pimples and will try to bust about anything that resembles one (groans at scars)

I met a girl and was immature (not silly) just young and let her slip away and now im alone and raw palmed.

Pegson and Haydn eating T Bones

Pegson and Haydn eating T Bones

I love playing checkers out in sun while sipping on coke.

My bestmate Haydnson annoys the shit out of me with his excuses about and My other bestmate Blacknut annoys the shit out of me with his lack knowl

edge (I know Im a biatch)

I have a thing for wearing beanies and small caps now I guess its since  I always leave my hair cut to late and walk around with a mop on my head.

I rather Video Ezy Mt Hutton to Belmont

KFC and Shear Delight (Pizza Hut) are my favourite takeaway.,

I use a PDA smartphone the Samsung i780 she is ubeaut but still gives me grief all the same.

I have a mini oven in my room

I’m not afraid to admit my favourite ice cream in a cone is bubblegum and rainbow

Shane warne and mark taylor are my favourite cricketers of all time.

I can’t stand anything touching my collar bone…its like some would describe fingers on a chalk board feeling to me.

I’m now Loyal to FaceBook and think myspace is bogany and simple (sorry lol)

I think Betadine throat gargle is gods gift to me personally

I have never shot and gun but would like to.

When I have juicy fruit chewing I cant stop eating..finished 50 pieces in under 1 hour.

I rather Cotton Boxers over satin and hate undies.

My first Computer was a Pentium 166 with 16 megs of ram.

I am drawn to a quirky personality trait.

I get depressed when I find out that my hot physio’s are lesbians even though I had more chance of a kiss from a Great White.

My fav sports are cricket, rugby league..but I love watching the Socceroos on TV.

X-Files scared me to death back in the day, especially the fat sucker episode and the invisible war vet who drowns people in the pool..I didnt swin a whole summer.

I don’t call skittles skittles I call them Skit Skits and they must be refrigerated once they enter my home

The Boyz

The Boyz

I love a good heavyweight Boxing match with the leaning and tackling.

I follow the newcastle knight

I’m a loyal person and therefore get very offended at disloyal traitors (anger Issue I know)

I had the most awesome dog in the World Zaffa but he carked it…but we had fun.

I have and carry a mann-bag where ever it goes (idea for vlog contents of man bag)

I was a stubborn child I once chanted the Words “mumma can I have a red drink for 3 hours untill mum bought me a red drink along with dad’s strap’

My beer of choice is Extra Dry its the only bear I can stand The other drink that makes me drunk is Vodka Redbulls.

I like house parties

I love to keep my skittles cold in the Fridge.

Colliston gives me bad breakouts but clears my chest up…depends if you want to go to the prom or walk.

People usually describe me as random

I dretch things in tomato sauce . Heinz Tomato Sauce

Im ultra organised when it comes to outings and organising parties but can’t find my own testicles sometimes.

I’m a Plasma man and won’t go to an LCD until they get rid of the damn motion blur.

I gave 7 LBW’s in one game of cricket when I umpired

I hate mirrors in the morning under fluorescent light (she is harsh)

I rather mars to snickers

I once poured wax down a drain pipe and blame it on a girl who admitted to it (thats what weed does to ya)

I like Frozen Coca Cola

I like making home movies and editing them in movie maker although vista makes that hard so xp is gonna make a come back in this house.

My parents named are Joy and Wayne and they really bug me.

I like to shop at Big W because their DVD’s are left wrapped.

I have read both Forfest Gump Books

My brother is brandon and he don’t talk much.

I wish I could move out to my own place and hope one day it can happen ( Birthday Gift hint)

I like to Wrap my plate in foil if i think its dubious

I love sitting out by the pool in my camping chair tanning in the sun.

I was given an electric razor for my 16th birthday but had no facial hair so I shaved my pecka for a test run (peckaitch aint fun)

People describe me as random and get made me i tell a story and they take it as truth.

I think off spinners should not play for the Australian Cricket Team only Leg spinners

My bestmate blacky has a secret stash of Womans day mags

I Think Oporto Chicken is Ubeaut

Waiting for Oporto Chicken

Waiting for Oporto Chicken

In my room I have an oven, fridge, stereo, bluray player, 2 computers, 42inch plasma, 51 cm crt tv and a bed.

I’m the person in the group that takes photos and everyone groans at.

i wish I still had the pick up line im a virgin can you teach me (it works)

No matter how hard I try I can’t get Blacknut a woman.

I generally think sex is over-rated thats prolly because I suck

Popcorn makes me cough..I think its the butter.

I’m a fan of Oven cooking and Frozen meals.

My first pet was a Red and White Gold fish he died 6 hours after purchasing and Ironically his name was Speedy.

I think Plastic straws are the bomb.

I’m a Supporter of Antibacterial Handgel

I stand waiting for Tv show to arrive in Australia 6 months late on TV so I download them and Im addicted to it

The Ultimate day for Pegson is spending it with his best mates, purchasing a few dvds, walking home from the 16 footers but not actually attending the 16 footers. The walk.. followed by a game of checkers, a bbq with a big juicy medium rare t bone to sit down and watch the socceroos.

As I think of More stuff I will update it


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  1. Pegson
    I must say bloody brilliant. Thanks for putting a humorous side to all the crap that CFers have to go through. Your outlook is great. That has been the best laugh I have ever had in regards to CF stuff.
    Thanks for making my day.
    I am a mum to a 5 yr old with CF and we have spent a large amount of time in hospital.She doesn’t have any body piercing or tattoos yet but does have a PEG & Port! Every 3 months we are going in for IV’s so I can relate to pretty much everything you have said – except being dissappointed when the hot physio’s are lesbians!
    Keep up the great blog.

    Comment by Carmel | September 9, 2009 | Reply

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