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First Day Back at Home

FirstDay back at home after 2 weeks in the hole.




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PeGsOn’s Cystic Fibrosis Blog – G-Day Guys and my medications out of control

G-Day Guys.

No ground breaking articles today.. Just dropping in to tell you about my not so exciting day…
Got up 9am which was good considering I had a late night last out at a Musical called the Pacific which a good friend (blacky) had a major role in. So I started my morning treatment around 9.454am finished at 12.08 pm…still hadn‘t eaten. Realized how much extra time was involved in doing my treatment due to not having all the drugs, needles, syringes etc in the one place and having to search around

So I Decided to write everything down I take off the top of my head:
Vitamin K
General Multivitamin
Ventolin puffers and nebs
Than I wrote down everything needed to take/use/make the medications:
Water for injection
Milton to clean the Nebulizers

So after that I decided to organise everything into piles…but there was so much, So I went to Bunnings (like a Costco but for outdoorish stuff) bought some big tubs…….4 to be exact.
1 for all the drugs I do morning and night like tobramycin etc, a Tub for all the goodies needed to make the medication up like saline, syringes, needles etc, than a small tray for stuff needed here and there regularly through the day like ventolin, panadole, acimax etc and than a big tub to wash the Nebulisers in.

So I’m hoping the reorganisation can cut an hour a day off my treatment and also make me more compliant as my compliancy is highly dictated to memory so if out of sight out of mind in case. So Now everything is together and should make a still difficult task a little bit easier.

I would really like ideas of how other people organise everything as I’m sure my organisation I did today is soon going to turn back into a wok shop (big mess)..

Questions for You from Me:

1.what’s your opinions on Mucomyst? Does it work….is it worth implementing?

2.Does anyone use colistimethate….the Coliston solution made especially for nebulising? I have just started using it after using Coliston for injection for the past year for nebs.  So what do you think of the specialised nebulized solution? I feel it goes through very quick and I’m concerned its not right? (PARI LC)

Thanx Mate…


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Video Blog – End of the Week Feeling Better Friday 28.9.09

Cooked PeGsOn

Cooked PeGsOn

Ok so I thought I would do a quick video blog just to end the week in ready for the Weekend. I’m also looking at new nebulizers that would be better for my nebulized antibiotics.

I currently use a Pari but am Looking for something that may get the antibiotics to my lungs more efficently so If you have any ideas leave me a comment..Don’t forget to check my live stream out..I try to get onit as often as I can..

Would anyone be keen for a neb blowing competition.You basically try to blow different shapes or anything with the vapour from your neb…just an idea.



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Pegson’s Vlog Sunday 16.9.09 Update on health, charity ideas and general chit chat

Decided I would grace you guys with a video blog rather than one of my well written top notch rambles.

leave me a comment with any response you may have…



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Pegson’s Blog Saturday 15.9.09 – I need to pull myself into line and get back on track

Hey Guys, Gals and Hybrid humans..

Its realy early and Im insane
Its really early and I’m partially insane

It’s a bitter Saturday morning (15.0.09) around 5.40 am and I have just woken up from a short but very deep sleep. I’m currently having my morning hit of Coca-Cola before I get started on my schedule of Treatments…

So firstly how do I feel health wise and where is my state of mind at???Well without sounding like a whiner… I feel pretty ordinary.

I have woken up very congested this morning and not feeling crash hot at all…The instant I opened my eyes I thought “arh sh#t” I was so full of thick mucus… sorry for the vivid description… that I knew my first movements out of bed were going to send me in to a huge old coughing fit and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to complete a “GOOD COUGH”

So where am I at….I have been on Nebulized Antibiotics Tobramycin, Ceftazadime, Oral Ciprofloxacin and azithromycin for about 9 days now, this is separate to my usual month on month off of tobramycin and Azstreonam.

So I’m in a bit of confused state as to where I am with my health. I didn’t feel that crook before starting on the nebs. but we decided to start the antibiotic nebs to err on the side of caution as we thought a chest infection was about to rear its ugly head.

Since I was still feeling pretty ‘ok’ and still being fairly active we came to the decision to treat with nebs rather than in hospital on IV’s as avoiding the hospital at the moment which is full of flu and other winter respiratory illness is priority.

Ok. So I have been very active over the past couple of weeks and I don’t believe I have really hammered and given this treatment my full attention.. In hindsight I have been burning the candle at both ends by staying up late…sleeping late…not eating proper foods and I have found myself due to these erratic patterns missing a couple of treatments which I usually try to avoid as much as possible…

This seems to be a problem with my way of doing things..I have a character flaw that when I’m doing ok I sometimes prioritize incorrectly an due in part because I’m feeling ok and my want to keep active and out there while I can  I sometimes skip/miss a treatment where as if I was sick as a dog I would be on top of things and I guess it may come down to the fact if your that unwell nothing comes into your mind as a distraction…

One of the the tell tale signs that I’m running myself into the ground on a non CF level is pimples…when I’m doing to much and being a bit careless and my body is screaming out that I’m about to crash I get signs and one of them is a pimple break out and that’s something I feel this morning so that’s another sign that I need to knuckle down and get things back on track..

So really I only have one option and that is…I’m going to have a weekend to myself doing my treatments 120 percent…on time…eat correctly…get some extra sleep and get back into somewhat of a reasonable sleep pattern so I’m not walking around like a zombie

I will then revaluate my decision come Monday morning when I go to rehab as it will give me a good indication of where I’m at. And if things haven’t improved I may just have to bite the bullet and organise to continue my Treatment in hospital which I have been not been in for around 9 months.

So usually I consider myself as someone who is usually on top of my health and really think of myself as a Responsible CF’er and even I have fallen victim to complacency I’m glad I have been able to identify the problem and reign myself in and hopefully pull this old wagon back on the road to good health..but if not, have the ability to say right I need help and go into hospital….

I will try to keep you updated..On a side note here are two photos I took yesterday after my aunties funeral.


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Pegson’s Vlog – my health, how I organise my Cystic Firbosis treatment when on Nebs

Just an update and I also talk about making things easier when your unwell and doing nebulised antibiotics.

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