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Broccoli and Cabbage help protect lungs?

Hey Guys…Treatment iv 3 times a day along with nebs 3 times a day is bloody tough ..But more on that later..

If you like you vegies this is going to be easy but if not well tough titties…

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine discovered that a dietary antioxidant found in such vegetables as broccoli and cauliflower protects cells from damage caused by chemicals generated during the body’s inflammatory response to infection and injury.

Research has showed that the antioxidant thiocyanate normally existing in the body protects lung cells from injuries caused by accumulations of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite, the active ingredient in household bleach. These potentially harmful chemicals are made by the body as a reaction to infection and injury. In addition, thiocyanate also protects cells from hypochlorite produced in reactions involving MPO, an enzyme released from germ-fighting white blood cells during inflammation

Lung injuries inflicted by excessive inflammation and recurring infection cause about ninety percent of CF patients’ symptoms and mortality. Although known as a chloride channel, CFTR also conducts thiocyanate ions, important because, in several ways, they can limit potentially harmful accumulations of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite, chemicals produced by the body to fight germs.

>>Where to find thiocyanates naturally? Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip)

I’m not exactly sure if a supplement exists out there in the form of a tablet or powder so you guys might just have to start eating more veggies……



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Hospital Stay Day 8 – Off the Maxillofacial team, funny coversation, lung update




Ok so first off let me start by saying I’m still in hospital and probably will be for sometime to come, however Today I’m official off the maxillofacial service…

What does this mean?

Well My wisdom teeth surgery is healing nicely and that there is no need for me to be under there service in the basically if there wasn’t CF factor I would be sent home tomorrow morning…

So I still have to continue with my Oral mouthwashes that sting like hell, and I’m still not allowed to eat anything that will get stuck in my teeth because that could facilitate infection along with nothing RAW although I’m not one who likes a still galloping and mooing T-Bone..

Something on the funny side and a little X rated so readers beware..One of the registrars who came to discharge me from their service started to list the things I can and can’t do and for how long..I warn you, you won’t believe me but anyhow He said this to me.

DOC: So are you married Arron?

ME: Hahahaha nah I’m not

DOC: Do you have a Girlfriend?

ME: Uhmm no not at the moment, not for a while, been going through an ultra dry patch something close to the Gobi desert (In a joking tone)

DOC: Well are you sexually active?

ME: Lol what?

DOC: Ok so while your teeth are healing your mouth is going to be very susceptible to infections especially from things alien to the mouth.

ME: Alien…….ok (thinks whats my doctor smoking)

DOC: I guess what I’m saying is don’t kiss and refrain from sexual interactions of the Oral kind until you can chew your food with no pain (He is dead serious no grin to ease the akward moment, but I guess being able to chew with no pain means your mouth is healed)

ME: oh…k….so yeah that shouldn’t be a problem..uhmmmm.

DOC: Ok Arron everything seems good, might pop my head in through the week if your here.

ME’ Rightio cya mate.

So yeah I guess it makes sense not go around having oral sex with strange women straight after wisdom teeth surgery, but I thought to myself who does this doctor think I am some kind of sex freak that is so addicted to sex I’m forced to escape the ward and struggle into town with my gown flapping half done up in the breeze for a beer hoping to impress the ladies with the size of my IV Pole…All in order to go nom nom nom nom…pretty funny, well least I thought so…




On to my Face, its still swollen but no where near the extent as 2 days ago its almost back to normal in that department…The pain has taken on a new wrap with the pain changing from a sharp constant shooting pain to now a dull ache. However still quite painful. I’m currently taking codeine phosphate to ease the pain..It works but not like Panadole..My Skin is looking really battered now the swelling has gone down…When my face was swollen It was like you could see no imperfections, not even little scars because my face was so red and puffy…Now when I look in the mirror I can see bruises starting to form showing what looks like the out line of some kind of facebrace to keep your mouth open during surgery, Tiny little blood blisters where the bruising is more towards the surface rather than deep, A ton of yellow brusing but it can’t be seen in all light, and quite a few pimples & Zits from not being able to properly bath my face for 4 days…So I need some sun and vitamin E cream.

I will just quickly update you on the lungs..

They are still very blocked up with mucus although now my tooth/mouth pain is starting to come under control I am starting to find it a tad easier to clear the mucus…My O2 sats are still not back to where they were 96%, currently my O2 is  sitting at around 93% on room air. As for treatment I’m doing Tobramycin and Ceftazadime via IV and Ciprofloxacin orally..Along with all my over daily meds.

As for how long I will be in here? It”s hard to say considering we are now dealing with a chest infection.  In all Probability two weeks maybe if I’m lucky and responding well 1 week than home on the meds for the final week…so It’s a play by ear situation at the moment….

As for now I’m going to get some sleep.


PeGsOn /

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Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers Waiting for Lung Transplants May Soon Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers Waiting for Lung Transplants May Soon Breathe a Sigh of Relief

lung-transplantCystic fibrosis and other Lung disease patients who need new lungs are faced with a life-threatening problem: more than 80 percent of donated lungs can’t be used—they’re inflamed and barely functional [Scientific American]. Transplanted lungs also fail at a much higher rate than other transplanted organs, as they’re more likely to be rejected by the recipient’s body. But a new procedure that makes use of gene therapy may soon double or triple the supply of undamaged donated lungs, and may also improve their function once transplanted.

In both pre- and post-transplant lungs, the problem is inflammation caused by insufficient amounts of an immune molecule called IL-10. Donated lungs are immediately chilled on ice, which destroys any IL-10 that may remain in the lungs, allowing substantial damage to occur before the organ can be implanted. And a lack of the molecule after transplantation increases the likelihood that inflammation will damage the organ and induce rejection [Los Angeles Times].

To get around these problems, the researchers first built a domed chamber where pig lungs were kept at body temperature with a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients moving through them. That arrangement alone prevented substantial damage to the lungs. Next, in the gene therapy stage, the researchers used a harmless virus to bring a gene that produces IL-10 into the lung cells.

Lead researcher Shaf Keshavjee explains that the lungs that received the therapy had better blood flow and were more able to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, the study showed. “It’s as if gene therapy turbocharges each individual cell to manufacture many more proteins in its own IL-10 factory,” Keshavjee said [Bloomberg]. The lungs also performed better and were better tolerated by the pigs who received the transplants, according to the study published in Science Translational Medicine.

The researchers also tried the first parts of the procedure on donated human lungs that were too damaged to transplant. The human lungs showed the same improvements in blood flow and respiration, suggesting that the therapy could repair lungs that would otherwise have been discarded, and could therefore increase the stock of available organs. Last year, 234 people in the U.S. died while waiting for a lung transplant…. Currently, more than 1,800 people in the U.S. are waiting for a lung [Bloomberg].

The human lungs weren’t transplanted into sick patients, but if Keshavjee’s experiments continue to go well human trials could begin in about a year. While questions about gene therapy remain–in some cases, the viral vectors used to transport genes have been found to cause serious side effects–the new approach has the potential to be a breath of fresh air.

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My Lung Function Update – I’m Excited

Ok I spoke about my Lung Function in my last video blog but in case you don’t watch the Video Blogs…..which you should because their totally awesome because I’m totally awesome. lol….but anyway here is a short and sweet text version..

So like most CFers my lung function has steadily decreased over my life….sometimes in huge jumps, followed by slight gains than stable patches, but over the last year my Lung Function has been pretty stable at around the 40 percent mark and at best straight after a 3 week course IV’s 42 percent….Now that’s a bit ordinary especially compared to 2008 and at 42 % I was really feeling tired doing everyday stuff.

About 5 months ago I was talking to my CF team about ways to try and sustain my remaining lung function for as long a possible and one of the suggestions thrown up was Pulmonary Rehab……I was surprised it was  never suggested before. So I started Pulmonary Rehab twice a week…It involves a range of exercises and is aimed at providing a safe environment for people with Lung issues to exercise with trained nurses around to provided any assistance or medical help…

After 8 weeks I had improved my Lung Functions best to 44%….so only 2 %  but I was absolutely ecstatic…Straight after blowing that lung function I got crook, which is not unusual for me with it also being the middle of winter…So I did a treatment missed 3 sessions of rehab but than I was back training…

Well Last week I finished my 16 week Pulmonary Rehab Course and I did a Lung Function to see how I was tracking and and my FEV1 came back as 48 percent, I was gob smacked…For one I didn’t feel that great but more so I thought those numbers were about a year in the past and unattainable.

Its given me a new found hope that not is all lost and hard work in some cases can claw you back somewhat..I now feel like I have turned the clock back around 10 months at least with my lungs.

I’m now starting another 16 week Pulmonary Rehab Program…and My goal is to try and maintain my 48 percent when healthy and maybe if I’m lucky improve on it…

So I thought I would let you guys know…and If your got the option at your clinic to do a rehab class give it a go…. it really works…



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PeGsOn’s Top 10 Junk Foods for Cystic Fibrosis.

PeGsOn’s Top 10 Junk Foods for Cystic Fibrosis.



I thought that today we could go with a fun silly post, about what junk food I like and recommend for CF and how it can make you feel….read on.

Coca- Cola
The Precious contents in the Red aluminium Can has been number 1 on my consumption list since before I can remember…..I’m fully addicted and can’t make it past midday without a hit of Coke. It’s not my fault my first paeds Doctor suggested Coke to my parents as an energy hit and I guess I grew up on the stuff. Coke… Breakfast, Lunch and Tea keeps CF at Bay.

Garlic Bread
We all like Garlic Bread but What gets Garlic Bread into my list is the ease to cook when you feel like crap…If your like me and can only deal with ultra tasty food after sucking on a Colliston Neb for half a day, but can’t be bothered making something from scratch than put those special little foil wrapped Garlic Bread pieces in the oven and do another neb for 20 minutes (this will increase the goodness) and when your done you will have all that Garlic Bread Delight all hot and ready to be eaten and that PICC Line infection won’t exist….well maybe it will…it’s worth a try though?

Tripe Cheese Pizza
Oh Christ….Pizza…Triple Cheese Pizza….If your Doctors is suggesting a PEG in the belly to put weight on, and your not so sure?…. Than you need a Triple Cheese Pizza….That Piping hot, dripping tasty mozzarella goodness with Puff pastry filled with Cream Cheese will fit perfectly in to the mouth of any CF’er. 4 years on the Transplant list will feel like 2 months when the Triple Cheese hits your lips..Lifes Good

Frozen Baked Dinners

Want that happy feeling of a Family baked Dinner without the stress of the family and preparing the meal. Than a Frozen Baked Dinner is what you need…6 or so minutes in the Microwave and you have a Tasty Baked Dinner….or should I say Nuked Dinner.

If your out and about and decide your hungry for some tucker, than as a CF’er you can’t go wrong with Maccas…You have so much to choose from…your simple Cheese Burger, to the classic Big Mac or if you feel like something different you can have a fillet-o-fish or maybe some chicken nuggets and after all that if the Doctor is still threatening you with insertion of a PEG than have some desert like a Chocolate Sunday or if your more old school maybe a hot apple pie….plus not only do you get the nutritional needs that every CF’er must have you also give your immune system a good work out  after eating a Burger made by a 14 year pimple popping kid….mmmmmm immunity.

Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes
These Little beauties have all the greatness of Cornflakes but with the Extra Bliss of Nuts and Honey….So If your finding it hard to get going in the morning, than a Bowl of Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes in Icy Cold milk will make that lung function of 53 percent feel like 54 percent. Your Ready to take on the World…….arhh…well at least the backyard steps…haha

Mars Bars
Have CF, Feeling Down, Need a Energy hit, only have a Dollar???? Don’t Worry you need a Mars Bar….mmmmmm… The nougat, almonds, caramel and milky chocolate deliciousness will make the worries of yesterdays Haemoptysis feel more like an ant bite. Plus if you can’t find a bottle of Enzymes….don’t worry you only need a couple, so check under the couch and in your man-bag. Your bound to find enough Enzymes for maybe 2 Mars Bars. Now your Set for a Mediocre Day..

Did that 12 metre walk to the fridge make you feel weak and parched…Than don’t reach for a Beer… grab a Gatorade…That tangy sensational fruity goodness will make you feel almost human and give you the strength to walk back to bed and have a good nap or better still go outside and do some Exercise…argh Thank you Gatorade….your the best..

Chicken yum…A CF’ers best friend. I love the stuff, it puts and keeps the weight on, but make sure you have a bag of enzymes ready because your gonna need them unless you like spending a month on the toilet watching reruns of the view from the reflection of the TV in the mirror.

And Finally if your feeling chesty and can barley move than you need a two week course of Tobi…I heard they now have it in Chocolate, Strawberry and Beer Flavour with designer vials to fit everyone’s needs…it’s the next best thing to healthy Lungs.



Hope you had fun reading this tongue in cheek list….I had fun writing it.


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PeGsOn’s Blog Monday 24.9.09 – My encounter of the Iron Transfusion Kind

Iron Transfusions.

So I didn’t really know what to write about so after running through general ideas I decided to write about my Experience with an IRON transfusion.

Now my first and only Experience to date with an Iron transfusion came early this year when I was in hospital doing a course of IV antibiotics for a Chest Infection

I had just changed doctors within my CF clinic after my old Doctor (Dr Saltos) had retired and my New Doctor (DR Wark) and I were trying some new ideas out, to try and change up my treatment plan and our first point of call was an Iron Transfusion.

The reason for me deciding to have an Iron Transfusion were quite simple.. My Iron was quite low and has been forever so I have always had supplements usually Ferro Gradumet & Vitamin C, but since I was hospital and we were looking into way of bettering my health with fresh eyes we decided to give an
Iron Transfusion a go and hopefully I would get a good kick out of it and be moon walking around instead of hobbling.

The Culprit

The Culprit

Ok so the Iron transfusion looks like a syrup coloured bag of saline and runs through an iv machine via picc, canula and in my case my Port-O-Cath.
So with all transfusions of any nature there is a small risk of reaction, Usually these reaction are small and one can put up with them..So in to help limit or avoid a reaction the first 40 mls of an Iron transfusion are ran in over two hours, thus allowing ample time for a reaction to occur without having to much pumped into your system..

So after the first 40 mls of my Iron Transfusion had ran in over the allotted 2 hours with no issues arising, the remaining 460 mls were ran in over a 3 hour period..

On completion I felt fine, no different than, even the mind over matter issues of being told a reaction is possible had disappeared and I felt comfortable that I was out of the woods and there was going to be no reaction and to be honest it wasn’t even a thought on my mind..

Well How wrong was I going to be???very wrong.

At about 7 pm that night My mate Haydnson rang and we had a chat. At around 7.15pm I started to get aches and pains and a feeling of internal coldness…You know when your hot under your clothes but on the inside you feel cold aches. By 7.30 pm It was becoming impossible to continue a conversation so I said to Haydn I had to hang up since I was feeling rather ordinary.

By 8 pm I was so cold and aching head to toe that I was pacing around my 2 metre length of IV tubing..

So I Buzzed the nurse and mentioned how bad I was feeling but unless your screaming or bleeding or have one of your regular nurses they don’t really take much notice…So I decided to jump in the shower and try to warm up as I have had similar feeling where this has helped.

Hospital showers are pretty average at the best of time..lack of pressure and the water is never piping hot . But its all I had. So after spending 30 minutes under Luke warm water I was feeling no better…So I decided to jump in bed and try sleep these pains off…Sleeping things off has worked wonders in the past for me with all kinds of issues..Ie Alcohol.

After about an hours sleep I woke up drenched in sweat and in agony…The pain was all over my body by now, but more focused in my arms and legs. The closest thing to this pain that I could describe is if you leave a tourniquet  on to long you get this deep internal ache that feels likes its about to explode and that’s exactly how my whole body felt especially my arms and legs

So I called the nurse again and explained my worsening situation…She was an agency nurse…one of those nurses that go from hospital to hospital filling in and she couldn’t give a shit..So she gave me some panadole and an hour later the pain was no better. I was reduced to rocking back and forth on my bed saying repetitive words to try and clam myself as I was starting to panic..

So finally I got another nurse to page the doctor and he turned up younger than myself and asked a million questions almost as if I was being quizzed..Than the great doctor offered me ibuprofen. I remember yelling are you f#cking joking I am in f#cking in agony. Do you want me to scream and cry to show how painful this is…I have always found us CF’ers are so good at covering and handling pain sometimes you have to put on a bit of an over reaction to get attention since our whole lives are usually spent under reacting to our numerous aches and pains.

After trying to get through the pain for the next couple of hours I decided  to call my mum..By this time it was 3 am and I was in a terrible state and was crying on the phone. Even though mum always says to call her no matter what time..she wasn’t to impressed and later that morning when she came up the nursing staff copped the full brunt of her lack of sleep.

After crying to myself I decided humiliation  of the nurses was the only tactic…No Joke…it works..So I buttoned up the back of my gown so only half me pecka was showing, (ha-ha a man can dream) unplugged the iv machine, and started to wheel my sorry arse down the hall away…The nurses at the station could see me coming from a mile away as I was moving sub grandpa pace..

Eventually when I made it to the nurses station they expected me to stop and talk but I kept on shuffling my sorry arse down the hall way…One nurse yelled out to me where you going mister? I replied Emergency…I had decided to wheel myself off to emergency in attempt to get some decent help for this agony I was suffering..

After a few heated words they convinced me to come back to my room and assured me they would page the doctor. Again.

About 20 minutes later the Doctor turned up and this time after I had a performed a song and dance he finally prescribed me morphine which seemed to help in allowing me to sleep.

The overall effect of the Iron transfusion lasted for 5 days…They involved aches and pains…internal

The Protest

The Protest

coldness…constant sweats…dry mouth to the point where your lips stuck to your teeth….Fever that jumped between 35 and 40.3 and on the second day stomach cramps right up into the oesophagus that caused the doctors and myself to think maybe I was having a heart attack…Buscapan and Mylanta got that part under control only after 12 hours…yes things are slow in a hospital.

So Unless I was desperately needing another iron transfusion to survive I wouldn’t even consider having one again…and I think my doctor would say the same thing…So I’m going to stick to the tablets.

However one thing I have learnt. If you are going to have an Iron Transfusion have the Transfusion at the very start of your hospital stay as I made the mistake on leaving it towards the end of my stay, already having been on IV Antibiotics for 2 weeks and after 5 days of dealing with issues caused by the Iron Transfusion my chest was back to where it was before my hospital admission…

So in conclusion be weary of the Iron Transfusion but remember my case was the exception to the rule as my doctor had never experienced a reaction quite this severe and so delayed. We believe it was because of my liver condition that the issues appeared all at once and not gradually as the Iron most likely was processed by my damaged liver all at once and became over loaded. Oh and have morphine ready and on tap.

Please comment or email your experiences, ideas etc I really love hearing them even if its just pointing out one of the numerous spelling mistake. lol


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Just on a side note I receiving a couple anonymous comments complaining about the way I write my posts. Yes how pompous must they be..But I write it as I feel it..I don’t set our nor want to write these artistic pieces one may come to expect from other.. As long as I get my point across I’m a happy man. I like to write raw…raw baby raw.

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Pegson’s Blog Thursday 20.9.09 – The Day It Dawned on Me that I was actually sick

The Day It Dawned on Me that I was actually sick

Under 12's Mod League

Under 12's Mod League

Now I have never been a person who has liked to be in the dark health wise. I have always taken an active role in Cystic Fibrosis even when I was little Bub Bub. However I didn’t always know that I was sick.

Like a lot of us CF’ers I was fairly healthy as a young child, I had my share of nebulised treatments but nothing horrific.

Up until I was 13 and had my first hospital admission which was a tune up ready for year 6 school cap , my only hospital experience was when I broke my arm and had to have the cast re-set twice and still to this day my arm is mangled like a twisted sand shoe. See Pic click here or watch video of my weird joints click here

Now I attended my CF clinic every Tuesday morning or when mum worked I would attend the asthma clinic on a Thursday at the John hunter hospital. Now while I knew this wasn’t the norm for my friends it never really bothered me and I remember thinking that everyone had their own clinic to attend.

Not Even taking enzymes (pancreas) that mum would place under the glad wrap of my fairy bread sandwiches at primary school made me think I was that different..

However I still remember quite vividly the day, and the moment that I realised that I was Sick and it was very serious..

Let me set the scene. I was always encouraged to play sport as a kid and started off with little athletics and moved on to mod league (its like NFL not soccer). We would play games on Saturday mornings and Every Thursday afternoon have training which would begin with a few stretches than two laps around the oval..

Holding the Trophey after a Grand Final Win

Holding the Trophey after a Grand Final Win

Now in my mod league team my position was a Winger, Now a Winger in Australian Rugby League is the guy closest to the sideline and he is usually very quick.. Similar to a wide receiver in American Football. So basically I was one of the quicker players in the team and when we needed a Try (touch down) the team would spread the ball out to me and I would run down the sideline.

Ok so this gets me to the moment I realised the severity of Cystic Fibrosis and experienced the first effects of Cystic Fibrosis’s Gradual Decline

We were doing our usual two lap run around the oval before training and I started to fall behind which wasn‘t that uncommon…I always just thought I was bit lazy and a bit unfit. Haha.

I would accelerate and eventually get back to the pack,. However this one day things were different by the time we had completed the first lap I remember I was seriously panting and breathing real deep. I started to fall behind again and this time I didn’t have the energy to accelerate back to the pack…

I remember coughing and staggering while trying to keep up as all my mates were disappearing into the distance…I still remember Thinking to myself as a  little 12 year old boy ….what’s wrong with me?? I’m a Winger….I meant to be quick….and even the front rowers who are like defensive guards in American Football…You know the really big slow guys.. Well even they were at this stage a few hundred metres ahead…

It was at this exact moment a huge rush went through my body full of emotions and It dawned on me…that this was a result of Cystic Fibrosis and that I was Sick.

I came home that night after training and questioned mum and dad as to why I kept falling behind my friends…hoping they would have some answer……Mum looked at me and started to tear up and I remember asking her why she was crying….She denied it of course but now I know, She was crying because  her little boy had just discovered that he was different and that the Gradual Decline of Cystic Fibrosis was in Full swing.

>Leave me a comment about when you first had that realisation of your Cystic Fibrosis, I would really appreciate and like to hear your story.


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Pegson’s Vlog Sunday 16.9.09 Update on health, charity ideas and general chit chat

Decided I would grace you guys with a video blog rather than one of my well written top notch rambles.

leave me a comment with any response you may have…



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Pegson’s Vlog Friday 14.9.09 – Just got home from the Funeral

Hey guys…Wasn’t up to writing a full on post so I decided I would revert back to the video blog which I think most of you guys like.


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Vlog Tuesday (11.09.09) Talking about my Hemoptysis post and more

I forgot to add can you guys follow this bloke who is flying around for 7 days straight to raise money for cystic fibrosis…he has a daughter with the present he has raised 72 thousand dollars for the cause..You can also make a donation directly at this site through paypal or credit card

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