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Day 14 and Going Home….you F#$%ing Rippa



Well…..Its Day 14 Monday morning so all in al I have been in Hospital for exactly 2 weeks and I want to go home so bad…I still need antibiotics after my wisdom teeth surgery flared up a chest infection but I feel I have done all the healing that I’m possibly going to be able to do laying in a Hospital bed…

This bloody niggly Tickly cough  I’ve had for the past 4 days  is still with me, and I’m at a lost to what’s causing this darn thing hopefully not some new kind of bug… The Niggly Tickly cough itself is not overly chesty but its really dry and every time I cough I feel like both my lungs and my ‘cheeks full of stitches’ are going to explode….

So Right now its about 9 am now and I have them putting through my 10 am Ceftazadime a bit earlier so maybe I can make my 9.30 Pulmonary Rehab class or maybe the tail end if it.

At this stage if all goes to plan sometime today I will be going home. The Doctors are charting up the meds I’m to go home with, whether or not they chart the right stuff is another matter as I have been under so many doctors this admission its been quite hard to get anything done in a timely matter or with any uniform, although one of the head doctors understudies Ella has been awesome.…I really need to look at changing Specialists at my CF clinic  because having a Doctor that’s constantly at conferences overseas (Korea this week) is not helping me get things done regarding my health..

So soon I will start packing up my room in hope that I will be going home, I can’t wait for my own bed, my own shower, my normal internet so I don’t have to be careful with everything I download….mmmmmmm Unlimited download garh..

Just after I wrote the above paragraph the doctors came in and we ran through everything. So It looks like I will be going home on Nebulised Tobramycin, Oral Cipro and pushingCeftazadime 2 gram twice a day via IV.

I still have to get my port deceased and recessed because it’s been a week If I’m out of here by 4pm this arvo I’m gonna be doing well.

Looks like I probably won’t get to rehab now since everything is starting to come together quickly…..

Well it now 9.45am and I bet this blog has been really bloody exciting for you guys but at least you have been privy to the information as it happen because Pegson in the present is live on the air…

EDIT: I thought I would just update you..Got to Pulmonary Rehab, Absolutely knackered could barely do anything not sure if it was lung function or lack of energy or even fitness…pushed on through…Got my CF nurse John to do a lung function and it came back 48 percent. So I held me own during the hospital admission…




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Hospital Stay Day 8 – Off the Maxillofacial team, funny coversation, lung update




Ok so first off let me start by saying I’m still in hospital and probably will be for sometime to come, however Today I’m official off the maxillofacial service…

What does this mean?

Well My wisdom teeth surgery is healing nicely and that there is no need for me to be under there service in the basically if there wasn’t CF factor I would be sent home tomorrow morning…

So I still have to continue with my Oral mouthwashes that sting like hell, and I’m still not allowed to eat anything that will get stuck in my teeth because that could facilitate infection along with nothing RAW although I’m not one who likes a still galloping and mooing T-Bone..

Something on the funny side and a little X rated so readers beware..One of the registrars who came to discharge me from their service started to list the things I can and can’t do and for how long..I warn you, you won’t believe me but anyhow He said this to me.

DOC: So are you married Arron?

ME: Hahahaha nah I’m not

DOC: Do you have a Girlfriend?

ME: Uhmm no not at the moment, not for a while, been going through an ultra dry patch something close to the Gobi desert (In a joking tone)

DOC: Well are you sexually active?

ME: Lol what?

DOC: Ok so while your teeth are healing your mouth is going to be very susceptible to infections especially from things alien to the mouth.

ME: Alien…….ok (thinks whats my doctor smoking)

DOC: I guess what I’m saying is don’t kiss and refrain from sexual interactions of the Oral kind until you can chew your food with no pain (He is dead serious no grin to ease the akward moment, but I guess being able to chew with no pain means your mouth is healed)

ME: oh…k….so yeah that shouldn’t be a problem..uhmmmm.

DOC: Ok Arron everything seems good, might pop my head in through the week if your here.

ME’ Rightio cya mate.

So yeah I guess it makes sense not go around having oral sex with strange women straight after wisdom teeth surgery, but I thought to myself who does this doctor think I am some kind of sex freak that is so addicted to sex I’m forced to escape the ward and struggle into town with my gown flapping half done up in the breeze for a beer hoping to impress the ladies with the size of my IV Pole…All in order to go nom nom nom nom…pretty funny, well least I thought so…




On to my Face, its still swollen but no where near the extent as 2 days ago its almost back to normal in that department…The pain has taken on a new wrap with the pain changing from a sharp constant shooting pain to now a dull ache. However still quite painful. I’m currently taking codeine phosphate to ease the pain..It works but not like Panadole..My Skin is looking really battered now the swelling has gone down…When my face was swollen It was like you could see no imperfections, not even little scars because my face was so red and puffy…Now when I look in the mirror I can see bruises starting to form showing what looks like the out line of some kind of facebrace to keep your mouth open during surgery, Tiny little blood blisters where the bruising is more towards the surface rather than deep, A ton of yellow brusing but it can’t be seen in all light, and quite a few pimples & Zits from not being able to properly bath my face for 4 days…So I need some sun and vitamin E cream.

I will just quickly update you on the lungs..

They are still very blocked up with mucus although now my tooth/mouth pain is starting to come under control I am starting to find it a tad easier to clear the mucus…My O2 sats are still not back to where they were 96%, currently my O2 is  sitting at around 93% on room air. As for treatment I’m doing Tobramycin and Ceftazadime via IV and Ciprofloxacin orally..Along with all my over daily meds.

As for how long I will be in here? It”s hard to say considering we are now dealing with a chest infection.  In all Probability two weeks maybe if I’m lucky and responding well 1 week than home on the meds for the final week…so It’s a play by ear situation at the moment….

As for now I’m going to get some sleep.


PeGsOn /

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Hospital Stay Day 7 – Today was a scary day…Oxygen sats were down to 79 %

last night two days after my wisdom teeth surgery my 02 dropped to 79….i was hysterical…the lowest its been before was 88 and I was sick as a dog in the ambulance having a moderate lung bleed that required pulmonary ambolisation.

I’m worried I wont be able to return to what I was before the incident being 48 % FEV1 and 96 % SATS O2 when healthy..

right now my SATS are 92 on room air….

I feel totally gutted. Like I have failed somewhat..



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Hospital Stay Day 6 – Shocking Pain and My Lungs are going down hill fast.

Hey Guys…

I’m seriously buggered just updating the blog…Everything thas happening seems to be contributing to my Lungs going down hill. My Sats hit as low as 87 Percent that’s a new while Conscious low effort…I’m pretty scared because I have worked my arse off…I have a coupe of days to turn this around before serious damage occurs. Which I should be able to do.



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Hospital stay Day 5 – Pain Pain and More Pain


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Hospital is that Bad I was reduced to Eating?


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Reasons for my Hospital Admission Explained in Greater Detail


ME in Hospital

Reasons for my Hospital Admission Explained in Greater Detail LEAVE COMMENT

I have had quite a few people ask me why such a long hospital admission for a simple wisdom tooth extraction so I thought I would go into some detail to explain the full story.

Ok so its morning 4 of my combined chest tune up which is not going great guns but that’s not unusual for me as I don’t often prosper in hospital and my wisdom teeth extraction which is down to happen in less than 30 hours.,

In Quick..The reason for the Wisdom teeth extraction is not that they are bothering me, because their not. However the removal is due to needing to go on the  Active  Transplant list. The protocol put in place in Australia to go on the active transplant list means that all wisdom teeth yet to settle into place must be removed as a set of impacted wisdom teeth  after transplant is just an infection waiting to happen, considering your highly immuno suppressed.

So if you have read any of my blogs over the last 3 months you would have noticed I have mentioned this admission quite often as it was a planned thing as to get a surgeon who was willing to operate in a public hospital due to my CF doctors being all located at a Public Hospital …Not hard to find but it meant waiting quite a while on the waiting list which I was actually placed on as high priority..

So it was organised with both my CF team and my Oral Surgeon team for me to come in a few days in advance so to build my lungs up a bit which should hopefully make the surgery go a little smoother, in theory.

Now everyone seems to be under the impression I’m just having four teeth plucked out, well I’m not..

My wisdom teeth are physically not bothering me at all, only the top two have slightly started coming through the gum and that’s only to the point where a millimetre or so is visible. While the bottom two are 2 cm’s  deep in the jaw bone when viewed on x-ray, so quite a distance from even reaching the gum.

So what makes this surgery so difficult? A Few things actually. Number 1. My lungs at best are 48 percent so given I have sat around hospital I would say 45 percent at the moment is a fairer assumption..

I suffer frequent haemoptysis which means another aspect that has to be closely monitored in surgery.

I have moderate and progressing liver disease, which has so far caused slight Portal Hypertension and Esophageal Varices, while these at this stage seem to be under control they are an extra variable that play a part in surgery. Especially wisdom teeth surgery since bleeding is quite abundant in any oral procedure and combine that with having a dodgy liver and poor clotting factors and low platelet levels its quite important that all precautions be taken…

The final issue of the surgery is how close my top wisdom teeth are to my sinus, roughly 3 Millimetres away which means in all likely hood a small hole between sinus and mouth could be created when the wisdom teeth are pulled, which while not unusual means a whole new complication that needs to addressed…

There is also the matter of me CF related treatments that I do day to day. That consists of nebulised solutions,  most delivered by mouth pieces not simply masks. Those being Nebulised Tobramycin or Colliston along with Pulmozyme..

Now having oral surgery and having my jaw bone dug into , Its highly likely I’m not going to be up to having a plastic mouth piece in my gob sucking away on tobi, so that is also another reason I have been admitted and will likely stay a few days to a week after surgery so that all my medication can be done via IV.

Pain meds…Well they don’t like giving me Panadole (Tylanole) to begin with for liver reasons at least in high doses and we all know how bad morphine can be for someone with lung issues. While its great for relieving pain its also suppresses the lungs and makes it quite difficult to get rid of any secretions…

So these are all reason while I am in hospital., While in here I’m also looking at getting a few things addressed. One of them being the constant nose bleeds from my right nostril I have been suffering after any coughing attack which all come to the forefront after a terrible head cold about 2 months ago that was so concentrated in my nose and throat I have only in the past two weeks started to get a somewhat normal sounding voice back…

I also have numerous x-rays, bloods, and swab test I believe that can all be fast tracked while in hospital which are just some of the smaller tests I have requests slips for…it becomes quite overwhelming so using a hospital admission to get these little things out of the way is smart because you usually go to the head of the line as IN PATIENT as compared to an OUT PATIENT..

Overall the goal of all this effort is to finally be able to go back down to Sydney RPA (Liver TX)  and ST Vincent (LUNG TX) Hospital having fully completed transplant work up. Its been quite a road this Transplant work up.

I have been on the Transplant Work up road now for probably close to 18 months. I have been asked by some people if I’m committed because its taking so long, which I reply of Cause I am. I believe one of the reasons its taking so long is because I have to deal with two hospitals. They are both 180 km’s away, plus it hasn’t been overly urgent and I have been able to take my time in making my decisions, that being said I have been waiting for the wisdom teeth to come out for 4 months now so that was really out of my control..

As for general Transplant protocol here in Australia, Usually one is listed if they pass the criteria once that continually sit at around 30%FEV1 or lower. As of two weeks ago I had worked myself up to 48% from 42% 8 months ago. That being said and taking into consideration that I also suffer from liver disease my doctors have said I might ought to consider a threshold of 35% FEV1 as my listing point just to give myself an extra chance…

But at this point unless I get hit by a health complication out of nowhere, I still have a little time before being fully listed becomes a rushed situation, and this further reaffirms why we are taking so much care with the Wisdom teeth extraction as a rapid out of control Exacerbation at this stage of my health could greatly increase my chance of having to be listed much sooner rather than later.

As for right now I’m waiting for my Temazepam to kick in so I can get some much needed sleep while hoping this itch in my throat I have had for the past few days stays only at an itch  level and not develops into something more sinister  as like in the past I have always responded poorly to hospital IV’s mainly because I always seem to catch something from the extra abundance of people I come into contact with as compared to a full-on home nebulised treatment….

But any way my Temazepam is starting to workfffsgvrsfKknbfijn…….ZzZzZzZzZzZZz ZzZzZzZzZZzZzZzZ zZzZZzZzZzZ zZzZZzZz ZzZzZzZ

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Hospital Stay Day 3 – Doing Neb


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Hospital Stay Day 3 – Early Early Morning…Hiding out in the loo


Don’t forget to try and guess the mystery meal they served me click here

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Hospital Admission Day 2 – New Room, IV’s started, Feeling off



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