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My Fun Stuff

Ok This page is for anything that I deem fun..Mostly for little video and pictures I have created, usually originally for facebook. However it just shows another side to me. So gives me some time to flesh it out

Videos Starring ME

The Art of Dance Naopleon Dynamite rip off watch now

This is out first full attempt of a Film back in 2004 – Grudge of the Gardener – Part 1 and Part 2

This video is of me doing the PeGsOn version of the Chicken/Seal Dance

Me singing my own Version” I would like to buy the world a coke”

From amateur film I was in. My character was a “Drunken Santa”

A Video of Me dancing in the park to Billy Jean

This video is Fully fake but I was in hospital a bored

This is what happens when you have to much Endone

Video of me throwing a water bomb at mum. lol. she was not happy.

Me and Haydnson having an amesome RC Car race..Great Music too

shake your Booty

Video Not starring Me but Created by ME

The Opening to the Amatuer Film  “Angry People” great music

Well since I unpire I’m not in this video often but its good

Home Made Terminator Preview


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