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Bleed just hit me. Updated

Was just getting to lay down and go to bed and my lungs started bleeding. First time of considerable volume in about 2 years.
If you remember previous blogs I had very bad bleeds between 2002 and 2008 until I had my lungs embolised* combined with starting a continued use of nebulised antibiotics. Colistin and Tobi alternated month to month.
So I’m sitting real still. Not coughing. Shallow breathing hoping that the area bleeding is healing and clotting up.
I’m kind if in a state of dock at the moment. It’s always a possibility but I never thinks it going to happen again.
It’s strange it happens while im sitting in bed and not when I was belted the boxing bag for cardo 7 hours before. You can never really predict a bleed.
Hopefully it does worsen or come back before I don’t want an ER visit.

Update; 11.30 next morning. No further bleeding had a relatively good night sleep considering the drama that went on. I basically had a shower. As I go very cold during bleeds. Propped my bed up with pillows so my head was much higher than my heart. I find this lesson chances of reocirrent as the bloods not pooling up stars in your lungs and putting them under pressure.
I guess today is going to be a day where I walk around on egg shells.

Update: midnight Saturday. So it’s about 2 days since bleed. And knock on wood there hasn’t been anymore. Although I have felt very crook. I did some light exercise but I was pretty puffed plus the mental aspect of worry about a bleed has made me puffed. I described this to my mum by say you know where you have a stiff neck your body starts moving different even without trying well that’s the same for me with bleeds it doesn’t matter how much I want to just carry on and say jump back into exercise. It won’t happen my body shuts down and somehow makes sure I’m puffed no matter what I do. Even if I don’t have a chest infection. U guess just like stopping head movement with a stiff neck your body prevents excessive lung movement after bleeds.
That was a big muddle of words but I’m theorizing out loud.


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Winter rolling in. Weather changes

Winter is really starting to roll in. I’m not sure about others but regular weather changes really play havoc with my health.
I like weather to stay constant, hot or cold, windy or wet it doesn’t bother as long as it’s not changing day to day.
Somedays weather change can reduce me to a state where I feel like I’m in the middle of a massive chest infection thats already gone full blown.
Since I’m a mainly round the house person these days I tend to sleep with my fan n air conditioner on as I feel I cope better through the night and ultimately wake up feeling better when I have cold air rotating around. Of course if you do this you have to always sleep under a doona. I hear from other cfs and in my opinion they have this awful routine of sleeping without a shirt on. It’s very important to keep your chest warm. Granted if its 1400 degrees sleep naked for all I care. Make sure the webcam is off though.
My best friends 24 birthday is coming up so I’m finalizing his prezzy. I always look to give really fun buy practical gifts with a bit of thought. So I think this year I have out done myself.
I’m going to start blogging a little more frequently from now on but not so serious like I was doing a year ago. It was almost a full time job reading up about medical literature just to make sure I didn’t mistakenly tell some to drink petrol with syringes as ice cubes.

Any catch ya. Below is a couple pics I took.




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Hey guys it’s been ages since I last blogged. I haven’t been busy at all. The truth is I think I just got over blogging. I probably over did it. Diving daily into depths of life and death.

So I thought I would just to a partial update of what’s been happening.

I have going through the on going tests and clinics testing, checking to see if it’s time to be listed for transplant. As of now I’m still tracking ok.

My weight sky rocketed to 95 kilos around 3 months. I was feeling breathless well more than usual plus none of my clothes fitted properly. I kinda looked like a fat dancer in tights.

So I started exercising smartly. And eating less. It worked I’m now down to 86 kilos which is in the right direction. Im hoping to get around 82 kilos. I still need some extra beef for the sick weeks.

I went to ufc 127 at acre arena in Sydney a couple months back. It was a huge under taking taking my treatment on the road over night. I’m always nervous when im on the road out of my safety net. It was a great event and I’m glad I did the work the weeks before to get my health to a level where I could handle a hectic very active weekend away on a lesser than usual treatment schedule.

After my successful trip away I have got tickets to the state of origin rugby league match. It’s a huge match state vs state usually a 90 thousand crowd in attendance. It’s game 2 out of three. So I’m nervous but excited.

Mothers day is coming up this Sunday. I got my mum something practical this year. I got her new home phone system. 3 phones. Wireless. The old set is like 1906 years old. So it was time. And she is always squawking about the crackling reception.

Back onto health right at this moment I’m in that between limbo. Not at my best but not at my worst.

So that’s about it. I’m typing this out on me iPhone so if it’s shonky well sue apple.




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Return Blog. Winter has been tough

Hey Guys.

Well Winter is just about over. And While winter is usually a tough time of year. This year’s winter has been especially tough. It’s been one of those laborious Cystic fibrosis Winters, where you simply struggle for the entire 3 months.
I made the decision that I was going to stop attending pulmonary rehab during winter simply because last year during the winter months I seemed to pick up every man and his dogs cold.  So my thinking was that by avoiding a packed room of Lung Diseased, coughing, near passing out people trying to work out I might lesson the Chance of picking up cold after cold. And it seems to have worked, however the down side is that My fitness level has flown out the window.
I had my 6 month check-up at the transplant clinic last week and everything went partially smoothly. Does that make sense* My Transplant doctor seems to think everything is stable so  at the moment there is no need to have my position on the transplant list activated yet. Knock on wood.
About 6 months ago aspergillus scanty popped up in my sputum. Now It has appeared before but a long time ago. Around the time I was sit nude in the sand pit with my nebulizer pumping away… Anyway at the time my CF doctor who always seems to be overseas when something out of the ordinary happens was at a conference in south Korea so the Head of the respiratory department Dr Hensley was treating me and he decided that a 2 week course of Sporanox and Prednisone would get rid of the aspergillus.
Now there was some slight conjecture over treatment since I have liver disease and also prednisone is a steroid and its not good for bones especially leading up to transplant, but anyway we decided it was best to treat my lungs since I was feeling low on energy and I didn’t want to risk my lungs any further since they were fairly stable at the time.
So ten days went by and I was feeling better but I was also looking very bloated from the prednisone but that’s all normal.
Anyway my usual CF doctor was back in the country strutting his stuff and he wanted me to stop treatment straight away as he was more concerned about not aggregating my liver disease rather than treating my lungs for the aspergillus.
So Like a dumb-ass patient I took his advice of just playing it by ear and watching to make sure the aspergillus doesnt get out of control even though deep down in the depths of my green chunky mucus I knew better.
So over the past 6 or so months I have had a few sputum’s tests. and a couple came back with aspergillus as scanty and one even came back as not there. So things seemed to be going ok.
Well anyway when I saw my Transplant Doctor last week for my 6 month check up, he noticed the aspergillus growth while reading through the notes I had bought him and he noticed we didnt treat to arradicate it. And boy was he concerned. “WTf is this Arron…Are you kidding me….your life is ruined…oh Christ my reputation as doctor is ruined…where’s a syringe full of air to inject into my aorta” nah not that bad. But he was pissed.
I was shocked at how concerned he was. Now silly me, and I know better than this..I had taken the word of my usual CF Doctor that aspigilus while it was’nt out of hand was not a big problem, but what I wasnt told is that aspergillus can be a huge problem for future transplant.
Now aspergillus doesnt rule you out of transplant but it does increase the risk of rejection and other issues hughly, greatly, heaps, loads, a god damn lot…you get the drift..
One of the major factors of aspergillus in lung transplants is it can get into the stiched joins of the new lungs and actually cause them to pull apart over time. Sitting there in the tranpslant appointment hearing this, I near pumped a man turd into my pants as I had visions of leprosy of the lungs with bits and pieces falling off. Seriously I did.
Finding out this news really has pissed me off. Because I feel I have, well I know I have been let down by my local CF team. I can understand that the treatment of aspergillus can be harmful to the liver and yes I do have liver disease. But My life now is about living as long as possible with these lungs and liver and than having myself positioned the best I can be for a successful transplant and just like my site address says and I have spoken about in the past is that I believe treating and issue in the present and not worrying about the ifs and buts of what could or might happen down the track.
So my take on the situation is treat the aspergillus now, while im still stable health wise as aspergillus is an opportunist little c#nt and really can get out of control as your health gets worse and your immune system gets weaker. And if some liver disease is caused well thats not great but so be it as the ultimate goal either way is transplant and I want to have the best chance of that being a success. Now come out with leppers lung.
So I have an appointment this months at 1 pm to see my Local CF doctor, to discuss treatment and also to discuss a problem I have been experiencing for the past 12 weeks. Which is a pain in my chest on the left side. Kinda under the heart.
At first I thought I was tapping out to a heart attack or maybe a pulled muscle caused by anyone of numerous reasons (coughing, boxing bag etc etc) but after about 2 months and with the pain still the same I decided to speak to my CF team.  I know I should of done it early. But If I jumped on every pain and ache I was need a trundle bed rolled out 24/7 at the hospital.
I had an x-ray and it came back normal. So no extra lung scarring and no fractures of the rib or anything. So now we have to move on to more testing. I kinda wished it was a cracked ribbed as its simple and not to bad of an issues unlike oesophageal varisee’s* and chest pain which can be a sign of the condition worsening.
Anyway That about it for this return entry, I could keep rambling about another 100 things. Like this weird shaky, palpitation like feeling I have been getting through my back and torso sometimes at the same time I get this dull chest pain.
Christ I’m like a still operational World War 1 Zeppelin…Battered and Fucked.

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Its been a While!

Hey Guys.

Its been ages since I last made a post. I guess there are a few reasons. I got a bit crook. a bit lazy and a bit overwhelmed by talking about Cystic Fibrosis in so much depth as it hit home with a real reality check….or maybe like I said, I might just of been lazy..

Im going to begin blogging again. But not so hardcore this time. I’m going to keep it relaxed.

I have a few things to write up about the last 3 months while I have been away from the blogging stratosphere.

So stay tuned as my first real blog post  will be about how I revisit using Colistin and received surprising results.

Read up on Colistin in the mean time


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14 things I Hate/Love about a Hospital Admission….


Front of JHH Hospital

Note:Ok so I got this idea from TatteredBookWorms blog, where she wrote about the top 1o things she liked about Hospital Admissions in order to give a positive spin to a bad situation. I thought that considering I’m currently in hospital and during this admission I have already experienced the good, the bad and the ugly all in just 10 days…So I thought I would write What I Love and What I hate about hospital but with my more morbid PeGsOn trait you guys have come to know…and beg for more…


Nurse Rachet

1.Ignorant/arrogant/obnoxious/small minded Nurses and Doctors – There is nothing worse than being sick in hospital and having that one nurse or doctor  that is a complete twat. Constantly treating you like your some kind of baby. Constantly repeating you should be use to this (being in hospital, having bloods taken etc)… what They need to understand is while we may have had a tone of hospital admissions it doesn’t mean we are use to having a Cannula dodged up or putting up with shocking pain.. They also need to realise we have much experience and generally we take a proactive role in our healthcare and when we say “this dressing isn’t right” or “I can’t breath” or “this is making me sick” you need to listen and not get into that defensive mode because you’re the so called health care professional and I’m the dumb patient. Because in all likely hood most CF’ers are more competent with their heath than most trained professionals. And for that reason this is on my most hated things in Hospital.


2.Hospital Food- We all know how Much I hate hospital Food from the posts oduring hospital admission. It taste worse than an out of date  microwave’d sushi dinner. It smells rank, and it even sweats….is it alive???. Worst of all is when your plate slides into the centre of the serving tray and you get a half hot and half cold smelly sweaty mystery meat dish that could put even the most fearsome competitors out of action.

3.Water Jug Ladies – I absolutely loathe the concept of the “Water Jug lady”…The Water Jug lady is usually a middle aged still living with their mother woman who has the energy on of a 20 year and collects Sweaters. The “Water Jug Lady” comes in every morning at around 6 am and she won’t quietly sneak into your room trying not to wake you… She will charge in with all Jugs Blazing… flicking the lights on, reefing back the curtain….Making you jump up startled like your about to be the victim of a vicious skinhead gang rape…The ‘Water Jug Lady’ than in an over cheerful singing voice almost proud of her job to be delivering this seedy Jug of Water makes the announcement ‘I’m Here with your fresh tasty Water Jug“….which you reply in a still half asleep voice ” I don’t want one damn it…I want to sleep” . At this point her face drops and she looks like you just stole her favourite Sweater and gave it to St Vinnies!!!

4,Evil Blood collectors –



You get some great ones but than you get some god damn demon worshipping blood sucking pardon the pun ugly arse Blood Collectors. They strut in with their little trolleys of torture tools waving the biggest bloody needle they can find because they are more worried about making their job easier rather than using a small needle to make it less painful for you. After 20 previous draws  from your one good vein. Your left bruised and sore and feeling like an abused wife on Oprah. You than try to make small talk hoping to find some empathy through that thick viscous layer of leather skin but all you get is the evil eye that makes you veins constrict in freight…The blood collector than lines your vein up and thrusts the needle in, like its some quick hook up behind a pub…You feel a horrendous pain in your arm and let fly a few abusive words mid air as the needle passes straight through the vein and into the outer tissue of the arm wall. The Evil demon worshipping blood collector screams out in some foreign ancient tongued language proceeding to lay the blame on you for you’re your arm supposedly twitching and that your vein moves around to much under your skin…..“I’m so sorry demon lady please don’t hurt me”..

5.Nebs– I hate doing nebs in hospital….Give me IV any time because Nebs I can do at home and while in hospital it means a whole lot of cleaning for me to do because I never trust that the nurses are going to clean the mouthpieces and unit and I constantly worry that when it goes off to their secret nurse cave to be sterilised you may have returned someone else’s infected chewed up Antibiotic resistant mouthpiece..

6.Exercise Bike for your room – Your Physio is on your case and your not quite up to going to the gym.. Because your still off colour so the physio drags up this old 1982 model workhorse of an exercise bike that looks more like a mini tractor than an exercise bike. Instead of a nice winding knob to change the pedal resistance it has a series of straps and harnesses that must be tightened…making it resemble a device on the Saw films more so than an exercise bike…Now The real thing I hate is as you pedal the bike it slowly vibrates forward so after ten minutes your half way out the door with your gown flapping.

7. Midnight Drugs – This is terrible, and is probably the thing I hate most about Hospital. When your charted to have Drugs at midnight or early morning so they can get a good Drug Dose reading in the morning for Blood collection..Your sound asleep after just popping a few dozen Temazepam and than your woken to a nurse administering a shot of Ceftaz..than you get to sleep than the machine alarm…than the flush goes through and alarms again by this time your on the net surfing and bombed out for the whole day with no ebergy due to lack of sleep..


What I Love about Hospital

1.Good Nurses – I love a good nurse, A nurse that will sit and have a good old Chit chat with you, walk down to get you some decent food from the canteen, go the extra mile just to help make you feel more at ease and Even allow you to have input into how you want your Port-O-Cath dressed. And most importantly when an issue arises they will react promptly get you the best possible care. Unlike the bad nurses that just yell abuse and strut around like royalty.

nap time

Nap Time

2.Sleep – In Hospital I love being able to sleep in as long as I want without feeling guilty about wasting a day. I also love being able to nap whenever I feel the urge….And if I cant sleep I’m free to have as many Temazepam’s that my heart desires or can take..

3.Unlimited piping hot showers — This is a fav past time of the day for me while in hospital. And I love it… Being able to shower for great lengths of time is another huge tick for a hospital admission, there is nothing as good as relaxing under a piping hot shower after sucking on a tobra neb and thinking about Paris Hilton and all the endless possibilities all whilst keeping a firm grip on the lock so that the ‘Water Jug Lady’ doesn’t try to join you.

4.Meds Delivered – Having your meds delivered and never needing to worry about missing a dose is totally awesome, it makes being in hospital for a tune so much more bearable…and if your lucky the nurse that delivers the meds might be an alright looker.

5.Early Morning Exploring – I’m not allowed to leave my room through the day due to cross infection risks and the general amount of sick people in the hospital but If I set my alarm for around 4 am the nurses let me off the chain and ball to explore the hospital and all its nifty nooks and crannies.. The things you come across  like morgues, dirty surgical equipment, the mental ward that has to be guarded ….The best part is being able to ravage the freshly packed vending machine all in the name of finding the perfect tasting bottle of Coke.

First Aid - Aqium Gel

Antibacterial Hand Gel

6.Aqium Hand Gel –I love Aqium Antibacterial hand gel and use it everyday be it at home or in Hospital. It’s great stuff when your out and about and you need to give your hand a good clean, the stuff really helps avoid the unnecessary bugs. So when I’m in hospital I feel closer to home because I’m constantly able to use Aqium Hand Gel every few metres as Aqium hand gel is everywhere around the hospital. Its especially helpful when a patient with a gaping oozing wound of severe multi resistant Golden Staph brushes against you in the lobby. But because I have my hand get I’m like dat ok I will just Hand Gel the Area.

7.Temazepam I love how I get Temazepam by the bucket load in hospital, It really is something I truly enjoy about Hospital…Nothing like peacefully drifting off to sleep with out a care in the world…..It sucks though because once I’m discharged they won’t write me a script.

Overall the majority of people in the hospital system are awesome and most will go out of there way to help y,, you come across a few with a bug up there arse who are just out to cause grief..


UPDATE ON HOSPITAL CRUSH: Right now I have a Crush on one of the youngish (28 yrs) resident Doctors… so I better style my hair with Aqium hand gel since the good hair stuff is at home and making myself smell nice with a splash of old IV Tobra cologne can’t be a bad thing, can it lol. Maybe I can ask her on a date and we share a Quality Mystery meat hospital meal………

PeGsOn / / /

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Night before Admission



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Quick Update – Swine Flu needle, Wisdom, Antibiotics, Links

Hey Dudes and Dudettes…

I’m off to have my swine flu injection at 2.30 pm this sarvo at my local GP..I was going to be having it on Monday but since I will be in hospital getting ready for my Wisdom teeth extraction It was necessary that I bring the vaccine forward, realistically I should have had the injection a month back. But I have not left it to late in gaining some swine flu repellent before I enter the hospital system..

So Like I said I am going into my hospital on Monday..I’m being admitted under both my Cystic Fibrosis Doctor (DrWark) and my Oral Specialist (DrWilson). The reason for going in on monday morning when My surgery is not till Friday morning is to give my body a pep up with antibiotics 5 days before the surgery, hopefully alleviating or reducing the flare up from having surgery..

Depending on how well the surgery goes, how my lungs cope, and how my mouth feels after having the wisdoms out will determine how long I will stay in hospital..Likely around 2 weeks.

On other notes I strained my back well I hope thats what I did, very excruciating, definitely not a dull ache more like a fierce rip. Yesterday it took me 30 minutes just to build up memntum to get out of bed..Today its a bit better. I might even mention my  back issue when I go to the GP this sarvo to get my Swine Flu shot.

Below I have included some links to CF and CF related sites that I visit for the people who have been inquiring for sites out there. some of the site links may be dead I haven’t had time to run them all through.


International CF Organisations – American CF Foundation – UK CF Trust – Canadian CF Foundation – Australian CF site

CF Research & Medical Information – The Australian Respiratory Early Surveillance Team for Cystic Fibrosis (AREST CF) is a collaborative group of doctors, scientists and nurses in Perth and Melbourne dedicated to the improvement of respiratory and general health of children with cystic fibrosis. The AREST CF runs an early monitoring program specifically aimed at young children for the improvement detection, prevention and treatment of lung disease. – Excellent site, giving information on the management of CF from a patient and carer perspective. – Comprehensive information about antenatal screeining. – Online-only journal, featuring review articles covering the latest developments in Molecular Medicine, published by Cambridge University Press. – A vast resource of credible health and wellbeing information that is produced by the ABC and includes the latest TV and radio reports. The site offers the community access to credible and non-commercial online information on a wide selection of health topics.

General Sites – information on organ donation – Huge site with forums, blogs or on cystic fibrosis – Provides information and personal management charts to track daily health measures for patients – virtual check ups. – Purple Soup provides challenging activity based programs for children
affected by serious illness and their families. These programs are
designed to rebuild confidence, self esteem, trust and courage, in a
safe, fun and supportive environment.”

Hardin Meta Directory
Provides a list of sites related to CF.

Personal Sites/Support Sites

Norma Kennedy Plourde


Casey’s Blog

Ronnies BlogVery good blog

CF Steph

Katlyns Blog

dirty Socks and Pizzas – A mums bloog


Genetic Interest Group
( supporting those affected by genetic disorders.

CF Gene
The website of the UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium.

Cochrane Cystic Fibrosis and Genetic Disorders Group
An international network of health care professionals, researchers and consumers preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of randomised control trials in the treatment of cystic fibrosis and other genetic disorders.

GenePoolNational Electronic Library for Health
Iinformation on genetic conditions aimed primarily at healthcare professionals who are not genetics specialists, but open to anyone from specialists to patients.



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Quick Update – Best Workout so far

Quick Update – Best Workout so far

Ok so yesterday was week 18 of pulmonary rehab and it was by far the best work out in terms of the amount of physical exercise I was able to get through.

The main point of improvement was I walked 3.4 KM on the treadmill which was a 1 KM better than my previous best..

I also have been able to work my arm weights up from 3 kilos to 10 kilos over the last 18 weeks along with improving the repetitions from 5 lots of 10 to 10 lots of 20.

Overall I hammered everthing in the gym..One downside is I’m in Pain…I can definitely feel the Burn but I guess its good to have a bit of Normal Person Pain..hahaha.

I have nothing on untill lunch time today so I plan on going back to bed and sleeping in..

Also thanks to all the people who have been leaving comments and asking questions…its great.

Below is a short clip of the wierd bike machine contraption I had to use when all the normal bikes were taken.


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Cystic Fibrosis Has Molded me into the Person I am

Cystic Fibrosis Has molded me into the Person I am

I thought today that I would write about what Cystic Fibrosis has given me rather than taken away and the person Cystic Fibrosis has moulded me into…Now I’m not one of these nuts running about who think having Cystic Fibrosis is the best thing going round, like a push scooter, or a new basketball trading card. But Like I said I reckon anyone who wants CF is bloody nuts but I can understand people liking the person they are because of Cystic Fibrosis and for the most part I like the mould Cystic Fibrosis has made for me….So below I’m going to list just a few of the things that having Cystic Fibrosis has given me….

  • Strength – To survive with Cystic Fibrosis you have to be strong which pays off in all aspects of life, because so many times I have had challenges but I have always felt that I could overcome them because of the strength Cystic Fibrosis has given me.
  • Understanding – Cystic Fibrosis has gifted me with the ability to really deeply understand different people points of view no matter how outrageous.
  • Appreciation – From the little things in life like watching a great movie to the Big things like spending time with family and friends Cystic Fibrosis has really enlighten me to Appreciate and be grateful for everything that comes my way.
  • Judgement – Cystic Fibrosis has allowed me to live life only seeing people for who they are to me and not judging them for anything else, which I think is a great gift.
  • Personality – Somewhat Random people say but Cystic Fibrosis has played a big role in moulding my personality into something I can really call my own…You would have noticed from my youtube videos haha..
  • True Friendship – Through Cystic Fibrosis and the person I have become because of it, I found True Friendship because having Cystic Fibrosis really shows who your true friends are and those who need weeding out.
  • Real Feelings – I have always been able to express my real Feelings, which is something I put down to living with Cystic Fibrosis because you don’t have time to mess about not saying what you truly feel…..Being able to Express your true feelings really sets you free and it’s a great gift being able to tell people what they truly mean to you for both you and them….But be careful it also gets you into trouble if your like me and open your big mouth when you probably ought to keep it shut.
  • Caring – This is one of the most important elements Cystic Fibrosis has given me. CF has shown me the importance of not only Caring for yourself but Caring for others and passing on wisdom to those who have been experiencing tough times also.
  • Freedom– Its weird to say But Cystic Fibrosis has given me freedom…I make sure I enjoy the day for what it is and not overly worry about tomorrow which really allows me to live in the moment, which is something Cystic Fibrosis definitely gave me.
  • Family -Most importantly and no doubt number 1 is Family. Cystic Fibrosis has gifted me an amazing, crazy, loving, mad and fun family…They may annoy the shit out of me but I know I’m loved and have their support which makes all the difference in so many situations, especially hospital admissions.

So these were just a few of the things that came to mind that Cystic Fibrosis has gifted me with…please be all means comment on what ways Cystic Fibrosis has moldedyou…..



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