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This page is now for a thought not a status..

  1. (7.9.09 – 3.53 AM) – It’s a mystery and a bit concerning maybe not…I was able to run for the first time in two years after 6 weeks on the Pulmonary Rehab program.
  2. (8.9.09 – 4:25 PM) – I’m so warn out today….Over did it yesterday and so short tempered……hmmmm
  3. (9.9.09 – 3:56AM) -Up watching cricket so decided I would get my morning anitbiotics nebs out of the way so I can sleep late.
  4. (9.9.09 – 5:43 PM) – annoyed the knights are losing the footy or should I say being flogged…
  5. (11.9.09- 1:52 PM) – overcast and rainy today I’m hoping but doubting thats why I aching all over..Feel like I been smashed.
  6. (12.9.09 – 2:49 PM) – Worked out so hard today a rehab…not so much puffed just spent..Was around ppl with the flu..lets hope I don’t catch it.
  7. (13.9.09 – 12:53 AM) – Eating lasagne and worry about a sore throat that seems to be developing my recent blog for details..waiting for the socceroos to play Ireland. hoping all my issues are mind over matter.
  8. (13.9.09 – 2:43 PM) – Off to see the doc about these wisdoms so I can get listed
  9. (13.9.09 – 9:16 PM) – Tired as..long day..not feely so strong mentally today..a few things playing on my mind…my auntys funeral tomorrow and my best mate haydnson is not doing so well.
  10. (14.9.09 – 6:16 PM) – long day…was a nice funeral…she would of been happy.
  11. (15.9.09 – 4:16 PM) – Sitting in the afternoon sun getting read for my night treatment…exciting ……not
  12. (16.9.09 – 6:36 AM) – Watching party of five season 4 on youtube god i loved/love this show….mmmmmm nev yum yum
  13. (16.9.09 – 11:30 AM) – Adventure is not to bad of a film…nothing special but half decent better than half bad…
  14. (17.9.09 – 12:50 AM) – Kicked my toe and it really hurts…not to good hey.
  15. (18.9.09 – 11:23 PM) – Looking for a physio vest of ebay since they aint readily available in australia…ne help?
  16. (20.9.09 – 07:30 AM) – Bout to go back to bed since Im stuffed after my final treatment on my 3 weeks course.
  17. (23.9.09 – 09:30 PM) – Played some backyard cricket bloody sore now
  18. (24.9.09 – 07.45 PM) – Just fixing a mate 23rd birthday gift…we got him a lcd photo frame. so putting photo on it. and off to hospital tomorrow for rehab and clinic..
  19. Abandon the pursuit of happiness and go straight to being F#cking Ecstatic. It will save you petrol money.

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