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Winter rolling in. Weather changes

Winter is really starting to roll in. I’m not sure about others but regular weather changes really play havoc with my health.
I like weather to stay constant, hot or cold, windy or wet it doesn’t bother as long as it’s not changing day to day.
Somedays weather change can reduce me to a state where I feel like I’m in the middle of a massive chest infection thats already gone full blown.
Since I’m a mainly round the house person these days I tend to sleep with my fan n air conditioner on as I feel I cope better through the night and ultimately wake up feeling better when I have cold air rotating around. Of course if you do this you have to always sleep under a doona. I hear from other cfs and in my opinion they have this awful routine of sleeping without a shirt on. It’s very important to keep your chest warm. Granted if its 1400 degrees sleep naked for all I care. Make sure the webcam is off though.
My best friends 24 birthday is coming up so I’m finalizing his prezzy. I always look to give really fun buy practical gifts with a bit of thought. So I think this year I have out done myself.
I’m going to start blogging a little more frequently from now on but not so serious like I was doing a year ago. It was almost a full time job reading up about medical literature just to make sure I didn’t mistakenly tell some to drink petrol with syringes as ice cubes.

Any catch ya. Below is a couple pics I took.





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