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Bleed just hit me. Updated

Was just getting to lay down and go to bed and my lungs started bleeding. First time of considerable volume in about 2 years.
If you remember previous blogs I had very bad bleeds between 2002 and 2008 until I had my lungs embolised* combined with starting a continued use of nebulised antibiotics. Colistin and Tobi alternated month to month.
So I’m sitting real still. Not coughing. Shallow breathing hoping that the area bleeding is healing and clotting up.
I’m kind if in a state of dock at the moment. It’s always a possibility but I never thinks it going to happen again.
It’s strange it happens while im sitting in bed and not when I was belted the boxing bag for cardo 7 hours before. You can never really predict a bleed.
Hopefully it does worsen or come back before I don’t want an ER visit.

Update; 11.30 next morning. No further bleeding had a relatively good night sleep considering the drama that went on. I basically had a shower. As I go very cold during bleeds. Propped my bed up with pillows so my head was much higher than my heart. I find this lesson chances of reocirrent as the bloods not pooling up stars in your lungs and putting them under pressure.
I guess today is going to be a day where I walk around on egg shells.

Update: midnight Saturday. So it’s about 2 days since bleed. And knock on wood there hasn’t been anymore. Although I have felt very crook. I did some light exercise but I was pretty puffed plus the mental aspect of worry about a bleed has made me puffed. I described this to my mum by say you know where you have a stiff neck your body starts moving different even without trying well that’s the same for me with bleeds it doesn’t matter how much I want to just carry on and say jump back into exercise. It won’t happen my body shuts down and somehow makes sure I’m puffed no matter what I do. Even if I don’t have a chest infection. U guess just like stopping head movement with a stiff neck your body prevents excessive lung movement after bleeds.
That was a big muddle of words but I’m theorizing out loud.


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Winter rolling in. Weather changes

Winter is really starting to roll in. I’m not sure about others but regular weather changes really play havoc with my health.
I like weather to stay constant, hot or cold, windy or wet it doesn’t bother as long as it’s not changing day to day.
Somedays weather change can reduce me to a state where I feel like I’m in the middle of a massive chest infection thats already gone full blown.
Since I’m a mainly round the house person these days I tend to sleep with my fan n air conditioner on as I feel I cope better through the night and ultimately wake up feeling better when I have cold air rotating around. Of course if you do this you have to always sleep under a doona. I hear from other cfs and in my opinion they have this awful routine of sleeping without a shirt on. It’s very important to keep your chest warm. Granted if its 1400 degrees sleep naked for all I care. Make sure the webcam is off though.
My best friends 24 birthday is coming up so I’m finalizing his prezzy. I always look to give really fun buy practical gifts with a bit of thought. So I think this year I have out done myself.
I’m going to start blogging a little more frequently from now on but not so serious like I was doing a year ago. It was almost a full time job reading up about medical literature just to make sure I didn’t mistakenly tell some to drink petrol with syringes as ice cubes.

Any catch ya. Below is a couple pics I took.




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