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Hey guys it’s been ages since I last blogged. I haven’t been busy at all. The truth is I think I just got over blogging. I probably over did it. Diving daily into depths of life and death.

So I thought I would just to a partial update of what’s been happening.

I have going through the on going tests and clinics testing, checking to see if it’s time to be listed for transplant. As of now I’m still tracking ok.

My weight sky rocketed to 95 kilos around 3 months. I was feeling breathless well more than usual plus none of my clothes fitted properly. I kinda looked like a fat dancer in tights.

So I started exercising smartly. And eating less. It worked I’m now down to 86 kilos which is in the right direction. Im hoping to get around 82 kilos. I still need some extra beef for the sick weeks.

I went to ufc 127 at acre arena in Sydney a couple months back. It was a huge under taking taking my treatment on the road over night. I’m always nervous when im on the road out of my safety net. It was a great event and I’m glad I did the work the weeks before to get my health to a level where I could handle a hectic very active weekend away on a lesser than usual treatment schedule.

After my successful trip away I have got tickets to the state of origin rugby league match. It’s a huge match state vs state usually a 90 thousand crowd in attendance. It’s game 2 out of three. So I’m nervous but excited.

Mothers day is coming up this Sunday. I got my mum something practical this year. I got her new home phone system. 3 phones. Wireless. The old set is like 1906 years old. So it was time. And she is always squawking about the crackling reception.

Back onto health right at this moment I’m in that between limbo. Not at my best but not at my worst.

So that’s about it. I’m typing this out on me iPhone so if it’s shonky well sue apple.





May 6, 2011 - Posted by | Daily Rants

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